Personalized Nutrition Coaching
  • Twice-monthly live coaching sessions
  • Daily feedback in the Lumen in-app chat to keep you on track
  • Know instantly if your body is using fat or carbs for fuel

Weekly Lessons
  • Quick videos to help you understand your body's unique needs.
  • Weekly activities teaching you how to create maximum efficiency with your routines.
  • Practice new skills with action steps

Customized Technology
  •  Use CO2 sensing technology to see how your metabolism is affected by sleep, physical activity and nutrition.
  • Daily macro recommendations
  • Improve your metabolic flexibility and fat burn



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Proven System With Results

Welcome to Weight loss for Busy Professionals. This course teaches you how to lose weight effectively as a busy professional. Together, we will develop a nutrition system that works for your body and schedule. Even if you travel often, or have never been able to develop eating routines due to work demands.

Weight loss for Busy Professionals is not just your average video course. Instead this course uses the customized technology of the Lumen device as a tool to deliver one of the most personalized nutrition coaching experiences right from the comfort of your home, office, car, or wherever you hang your hat. 

In this course, you will discover what truly matters when trying to lose weight: habit changes, systems and feedback. Just as in business, it is not how much you know or how good your product is, it is about the habits and systems that are implemented. Only, when we can automate successful daily processes do we see sustained improvement and peak performance.

Weight loss for Busy Professionals also allows you to work with me one on one and take real time feedback about about whether your body is burning fats or carbs and putting that data in action to change your life. This is a proven method that I have used for years, both for myself and others because IT WORKS!

Why I developed this course

When I started out, I tried to follow strict elimination food diets and every fad diet out there. What I learned was that there was so much more information out there. I was overwhelmed. I also learned that some diets just didn't work for me or my clients. Other times, what worked for one person did not work for another. 

Traditional weight loss programs want you to eliminate foods, follow strict meal plans and often make things more complicated and time consuming. Many of the nutrition plans out there did not understand that as busy professionals, we have varied schedules, work from home, work from the car or other different locations. For the busy professional, "operating hours" are not as simple as 9 to 5.

I have owned a gym in NYC for years and have had to commute between Texas and New York regularly. I'd often find myself in a hotel room with terrible food options and without my favorite workout gear. What's more the physical stress of being a traveling entrepreneur was taking it's toll on my body and I knew I had to figure this thing out.

Even as a health and fitness advocate, I know how hard it is to stay fit while working a varied schedule and running your own business. That is why I created this system! 

Finally, be in control of your health in 8 weeks with this proven system that will redesign your nutrition skills for life. 

How the system works

Weekly Videos and Action steps

Daily accountability 

Live Coaching

Customized Technology for Real-Time Feedback

In this 8 week course you will learn

Assessing Your Baseline by learning Caloric Deficit for Weightloss and how to use your Lumen device to get real time feedback of your progress.

Train and Plan by Shaping your Enviornment, learning about Macros and how to create meals based on your Lumen recommendations that work for your specific body type.

Optimizing Results by putting your plan into action, getting results faster by increasing activity, intermittent fasting and optimizing your sleep.

Why this system works

The combination of Lumen technology, weekly lessons, action steps, and one on one check in messages will individualize your experience.
Lumen is a small device that easily connects to an app on your phone. A single breath reveals if your body is using carbs or fats for energy and provides you with a personalized macro plan for the day. Lumen twill tell you what to eat based on your breath.
*Purchasing the Lumen is highly encouraged. The use of the Lumen is an essential tool to get the daily live feedback that will help you maximize this course. After you complete the course you can continue using the Lumen on its own or continue working with me.
Receive a discount on the purchase of the Lumen as a member of this course. Purchase your Lumen here. Use the code brandy10 @ checkout

I will then show you how to make this and other healthy habits work day in and day out. I will personally collaborate with you to come up with an individualized action plan that fits your needs. We are in this together! I'm here to coach you with every breath you take.
If you are looking for someone to join you on your weightloss journey and help you create a map to your destination then Weightloss for Busy Professionals is the course for you!
No restrictive diets
No getting rid of all your favorite foods
No dieting like a body builder.
No cookie cutter meal plans that you can not sustain.
No eating broccoli and chicken breast everyday.
WBP is full of simple weekly action steps that will lead you on a clear path to the results you want.
WBP will give you the tools and principles you need to continue on your own after only 8 weeks.


Before working with Brandy I knew what to eat somewhat but didn't have a plan. The technology of the Lumen has helped me understand myself better and how to balance things. The accountability is there because Brandy sees the results as well and helps me adjust along the way. I lost 10 lbs in a sustainable way!

Scott S.

Working with Brandy I noticed a difference in the way I felt, I stopped waking up at night with heartburn, and overall had much more energy. I couldn’t believe how much of a difference diet alone made, I was surprised when I stepped on the scale and lost a total of 17 pounds. Brandy made it convenient for me. I am so thankful to Brandy for all her help, I feel like a new person!

— Heather T.

Working with Brandy provided me the accountability and community I needed while transitioning my workouts to home. With her many years experience, Brandy delivers a personalized experience even in a classroom setting, working around my injuries or mood while challenging me. Brandy provides a fun, natural and light-hearted environment even in a virtual setting. Working with Brandy was great experience and I feel fortunate to have been able to do so!

— Gianna P.

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Your Instructor

Hi, I am coach Brandy. As a gym owner for more than 10 years, I have coached hundreds of individuals to get fit and live longer. My experience has taught me everyone is different and needs customized coaching that fits an individual's specific needs.

I know how to effectively balance being busy, living healthy, and having fun, all while living and traveling between two cities and managing my Dad’s care for five years.

I will show which actions to take to balance all the areas in your life to make room for healthy weight loss starting from day one.

Pre-pandemic I went to the gym often, lifting heavy weights and doing HIIT for several years. This all changed when COVID-19 hit. Despite not lifting heavy weights for over 6 months, I have been able to retain my fitness and not gain weight. You too can be healthy and lose weight during this current pandemic era.

This course takes my knowledge and strategies from the last 12 years combined with the latest technology used during the recent pandemic to keep you engaged, energetic and get the results you want right now.

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Bonus # 1
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Bonus # 3
Three 5 min home workouts you can do on your lunch break or in between meetings

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